Music Meets Message

Hold for Home is an Edmonton-based indie folk fusion band delivering a musical experience that is close to the heart. With poignant lyrics that challenge the status quo, these individuals create music that rings on as powerful words in your head. Their award-winning single “Gorgeous” best reveals the band’s philosophy to live a life different than the pack. In 2015, the band released their first EP entitled ‘Urban Wildlife’, to honor their first band name and in 2016, they released a music video for their single 'Fireweed'. In 2019, the band released the companion album to 'Urban Wildlife' entitled 'Oceanic' with songs recorded live in various inspiring settings. Hold for Home's powerful melodies and compelling rhythms combine to really drive it home. With great personality, the band aims to be a social force.

Currently, Hold for Home is writing material for an album to be released at the end of 2020. This album will feature multiple genres and styles in order to speak the truth of life and deliver it in a compelling way. The group gigs in cafes and bars in and around Edmonton and is planning a tour around Alberta for 2021.

Paige Knickle

Vocalist & Lyricist

Ryan Berends

Composer & Multi-Instrumentalist

Paige Knickle and Ryan Berends started writing tunes together in 2011. Paige Knickle, Rejoice Alberta competition winner of 2018 and Grand Winning Act of the 2009 Northern Star Talent Search, is a born performer with improv, theatrical, and vocal performance experience under their belt. Ryan Berends is a daring soul who constantly pushes boundaries, taking the band to new domains in genre and style.

Hold for Home is an Edmonton-based indie fusion duo. They create music that speaks to issues to challenge social thought.


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Once upon a time, some older woman told Paige (lead vocalist of Hold for Home) that a silent, reserved man would be a good match for her. Being the musician that she is, she immediately started creating a song of protest. "Fireweed" is the outright refusal of the 'opposites attract' notion. There is nothing wrong with a silent man, like a fireweed that opens up when it is surrounded by hot flames, but Paige isn't looking for a fireweed.


Listen to our latest single, "Fireweed"